• 4x4 PERMITS
  • Current VEHICLE registration (name on the vehicle registration must match proof of residency)
    • If the registration is in a business name or corporation, please provide us with a credit card with the resident’s name and the business name, a check with the resident’s name and the business name or a notarized letter on the businesses letterhead giving the resident permission to use the company’s vehicle.
    • If you have a temporary registration, provide a copy of the temporary registration and a copy of your current vehicle insurance.
  • Please provide ONE of the following residency requirements:
    1. Driver’s license with a Town of Southampton Street Address
    2. A current tax bill with the applicant’s name listed in the owner’s box
      • If the tax bill is in a corporation or LLC, please supply Articles of Incorporation or LLC documentation
      • If the tax bill is in your spouse’s name, please include a copy of your marriage certificate
    3. Three (3) utility bills service to a street address in the township
      • One current, one from six months ago, and one from a year ago
Senior Citizen Requirements:In addition to the above residency requirements, proof of age is required for persons 62 and older.
Active Duty/Veteran Requirements (ONE of the following):
  • Active Duty ID Card
  • Veterans ID Card
  • DD Form 214
  • Tax Bill with Veterans Exemption
Non-Resident (For Boat Ramp ONLY):Valid VEHICLE registration
Non-US Citizen/Temporary Visitors:Temporary Visitor Status for Non-US citizens must be valid on New York State Driver’s License.
All fees are non-refundable. ANY REPLACEMENTS including but not limited to lost or stolen Resident IDs WILL BE CHARGED FULL PRICE with a new application and all requirements.

You can view your CURRENT TAX BILL @ Property Tax Payment Portal

Please note that 4x4 Beach Driving Permits are only available to freeholders, residents, or taxpayers of the Town of Southampton. Failure to submit sufficient proof of such status will result in denial of application. Pursuant to Southampton Town Code Article 340 4x4 beach driving permits may not be purchased by non-residents. Non-resident applications filed for 4x4 beach driving permits submitted on the ePermits website will result in denial. No refunds shall be issued

4x4 Vehicle Requirements: Vehicles are required to contain the following equipment when driving on the beaches: jack, jack board, tow chain or rope, air-pressure gauge, tire inflation device and shovel. Resident IDs will only be issued to four-wheel-drive vehicles.

The undersigned has read Southampton Town Code chapter A340, regarding 4x4 use, beach access and boat ramp use, and is familiar with the same and agrees to full comply with all the provisions thereof, and has signed, or electronically signed, the front hereof as part of this application.

False statements made herein are punishable as a class A Misdemeanor pursuant to Section 210.45 of the New York State Penal Law

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This online application allows an individual or company to start the permit/ licensing process online, avoiding the lines. With a few clicks, you can choose the permit type(s), associate it with a specific property, submit the required application, make an online secure payment, initiate the permit, and receive a receipt via email. ePermits also provides the ability to renew an existing permit.
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